Server Rules

We operate a very easy going style here on the MP TF2 servers and don't wish to impose rules that are too restrictive. Swearing is allowed in moderation.

Be aware that you may be kicked and / or banned for:
  1. Excessive use of bad language
  2. Personal abuse (frowned on harshly)
  3. Voice comms abuse (including 1 & 2 above and also broadcasting music)
  4. Pornographic or offensive sprays
  5. Inappropriate nicknames
  6. Using exploits or glitches (IE attacking from an area of the map that wasn't designed to be entered)
  7. Disruptive play (deliberately annoying other players, camping or blocking enemy spawns, building in transitional areas like sewers and cave on mariokart, etc.)
  8. Having more than one account at a time on our idle servers
  9. We do not allow raffles or links to them in any way, shape or form
Instant permanent bans are:
  1. Racism
  2. Using cheats
  3. Clan tags from certain clans that are there just to disrupt servers - [myg0t] etc

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